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Kamejikan online meeting “Positive impact of Pandemic to our future lifestyle”

Date and time:From 10 a.m., Jun 13 Sat, 2020(Tokyo time)
Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore: 9 a.m., Jun 13 Sat
New York: 9 p.m., Jun 12 Fri,London: 2 a.m., Jun 13 Sat

Zoom meeting: Installation of the zoom app to your PC or smartphone is essential

Theme: We are living in a special lifetime when the pandemic hits all around the world. The pandemic has been changing our daily lives in many ways, like social distancing, not being able to have face-to-face communication, restricting travel, and so on. While some wish to go back to the world before the pandemic, the pandemic might change the world completely when it’s over. Just like the Black death brought Renaissance in consequence, the change we are going to see should have a positive aspect. We want to share what’s happening in the places where we live and how Covid-19 has changed our lifestyles. Then, we would like to discuss what positive impact we could expect from our experience so that we can set a goal in the time of confusion and uncertainty. We invite you to join this casual discussion from as many places in the world as possible.

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Participants will be limited for better discussion. Please send us the entry form so that your seat is reserved.




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