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Yoga at moss temple in Kamakura on April 28, 2024

Enjoy yoga in the temple where beautiful moss and flowers blooming

Myohoji Temple is also called the moss temple. The spacious grounds include a carefully maintained garden with trees and flowers, beautiful moss stairs, and a small hill with a great view. There is a quiet atmosphere here that is different from the area around Kamakura Station.

Beautiful gardens fascinate visitors regardless of the season, but did you know that there is also a time when moss can be seen most beautifully? According to the chief priest, the moss is at its best around Golden Week, when fresh new buds appear and white chaga flowers bloom on both sides of the stairs.
The flower situation varies from year to year, so I hope to see beautiful moss and shaga moss this Golden Week.

Yoga at moss temple in Kamakura on April 28, 2024


9:00 Let’s meet in front of the gate of Myohoji Temple.

o Guide to the main hall, greetings, self-introductions, changing clothes, etc.

9:30-10:45 Yoga

o We will specially rent the main hall of Myohoji Temple, which is closed to the public, to hold yoga.
o The chief priest will tell you about the temple and offer prayers
. o You can experience yoga while enjoying the stunning ceiling paintings and solemn atmosphere.

[Cost] 3,500 yen (Please bring your own change)

[Capacity] 5 to 15 people
[What to bring]
 Yoga mat, water, comfortable clothing
*Yoga mats are available for rental in limited quantities (300 yen). Please write “Yoga mat desired” in the notes section of the application form.

[Venue] Matsubadani Myohoji Temple 4-7-4 Omachi, Kamakura City

[Access] 15 minutes walk from Kamakura Station

Refresh your mind and body at Myohoji Temple during Golden Week!


・Meet at the venue (Myohoji Temple is also called Koke-dera Temple, and there is Myohonji Temple nearby, but please be careful not to make a mistake).
・There is a parking space for bicycles and motorcycles.


Yoga instructor:naomi


We hold yoga together at temples and beaches in Kamakura. While working as a yoga instructor mainly in Shonan and Kamakura, she is usually a mother of two children.

This is a yoga class at my favorite temple, Myohoji Temple. In addition to the moss stairs, the temple welcomes you with many trees and flowers throughout the year, so please enjoy yoga and the temple as well.

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