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Autumn leaves in Kamakura, 2015

Enjoying the changing colors of autumn foliage is one of the Japanese tradition from long years ago.
Typhoon did not hit Kamakura this year and it is one of the reasons Autumn leaves are much more beautiful than last year.
I visited Shishimai, one of the most beautiful Autumn leaves spots in Kamakura in the afternoon on Dec.9,2015.
Among broad leaf forests in Kamakura, somehow Shishimai, as known as Maple valley is occupied by many giant Gingko trees and tall maple trees.

Though I had hesitated to inform this place on the blog as it could be crowded by visitors,
but now I decided to post this as it has been already very popular.
Please note the pictures are not retouched to show the reality.

On the way to Shishimai, after passing Kamakura-gu Shrine and Yofuku-ji temple ruins.
The pass was muddy after the rain. it leads you to Ten-en hiking course, one of the popular routes in Kamakura.

It would not take more than 10 minutes to get to Shishimai after getting into the mountain. Some visitors were still heading towards there though it was late afternoon.

Red Maple leaves looking like burning flames.

Yellow of Gingko, red and green of Maples.

Trail paved with fallen Gingko leaves.

Most of the leaves had already fallen from Gingko trees.

Visitors can not resist to hold their cameras towards the sky as everywhere is covered by colorful leaves.

A visitor might have put these fallen leaves on a rock.

The Season of Autumn leaves is long but its peak is very short, which is as transient as fallen Cherry blossom.
Stillness of late Autumn is deeper than summer in the mountain.
Trees were preparing to welcome cold winter and they noticed me of the change of the season.


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